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NETBOX as a route to getting citizens online for e-government.

 Between August and December 2002 almost 700 homes in Somerset were equipped with Netbox, an Internet-Access TV set-top-boxe. This was done as part of a National Pathfinder Project devised by a consortium of local authorities and Avon and Somerset Constabulary, headed by Somerset County Council.

 Feedback indicates that the level of use is variable, but a surprising number of elderly persons are getting to grips with the technology and enjoying it hugely. Most of the Netboxes are in regular use. SomersetOnLine authorities will be monitoring the extent to which their e-government services are used through these devices. Most people consider that the biggest hurdle to overcome is reluctance or inability to get involved with and use an interactive electronic medium. Netbox is a cheap and user-friendly option to overcome this hurdle.

 The SomersetOnLine project comprised the following elements.

 Supply the Netbox complete with all cables, infra red keyboard and remote control.

 Provide a customised User Manual.

 Installation in each home complete with any ancillary items as required.

 Provision of the appropriately designed ISP.

 Provision of an un-metered 0808 (free to the user) telephone/Internet connection.

 Provision of an 0845 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm helpline.

 All the above for a fixed price for a one year service.

 Netbox as supplied is not a ‘digibox’, it does not provide access to digital TV. A later, but more expensive, model does combine both Internet and digital TV access.

 Net Suppliers delivers the product to time, to quality and to expectation.

We do not cause hassle or delay.

 If you are interested in looking at the options Net Suppliers offer please contact me at any of the following contact points.

John Ager, Commercial Manager, Net Suppliers Group.

Avalon, Fenwick Road, Falmouth, TR11 4DR.

Office phone & Fax:   01326 212373

Home phone:   01326 314016

Mobile:      07736 787576

Email:        john@uknetsuppliers.org 


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