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General Information

Netgems outstanding i-Player; a high style, high quality receiver with performance to match its looks. Picture quality is exceptional, even when many other receivers struggle,courtesy of the i-Players IBM processor, Sony demodulator and Siel tuner.
Combined with a host of connection capabilities to your VCR, DVD and TV, it's the quality choice.


Netgems I-Player offers Freeview, plus other services new to your TV.

• What’s on programme guide:

Many Digital TV receivers can tell you what programme are on now and what’s next, but Netgem have gone further and created a Programme guide which allows you to see all this information on one screen, and even set an alert informing you 2 minutes before a programme starts.

• Get involved with TV programmes:

Want to find out more about a TV programme? I-Player can connect you to the TV programmes web site, allow you to go to the TV programme chat room, exchange views with others and in the future will allow you to vote on-line with a compatible TV programme.

• E-mail:

The I-player

I-Player lets you send and receive e-mail on your TV and is simplicity itself to use. Different family members can have their own e-mail address and text can be entered from the remote control, or from an optional wireless keyboard.

• Game:

 Nothing on TV? Why not switch to some of our simple but addictive ‘retro style’ game, built in and free. Or for something more sophisticated, I-player gives access to a multitude of ‘on-line games’.

• Internet ‘interactive’ services:

 Book a flight or local cinema ticket, buy a CD or check a telephone number, these type of services are all available within I-Player ‘Information Zone’ and are available at the press of a button.

How does I-Player give access to all of these services?
Netgem I-player includes a built in modem, allowing the I-Player to connect to the internet using a standard telephone connection. Now the web can be browsed through you TV.

Is it difficult to set up?
Everything is pre-set you simply connect i-Player to your telephone line when you use email or any of the on line interactive service the receiver gives you the option of connecting. It is simplicity itself.

Is it expensive to go on line?
When I-Player is ’on-line’ all telephone calls are charges at local call rates so no need to worry about huge telephone bills.

I am worried about my children and the internet?
Any channel you chose can be locked with a digit PIN code to prevent children from having access. This applied to both TV and internet channels.

Is it secured to buy items on-line via my TV?
Netgem I-Player used 128 Bit SSL security that means that you personal details such as Credit card detail are encrypted before being used to purchase services on-line.

Netgem I-Player, upgradeable and flexible high performance.
Under your TV you probably have a video recorder and maybe a DVD player or a games console. And perhaps you would like to listen to the TV sound through your HI FI or home cinema system. Netgems I-player has a wide range of connection capabilities which makes it the natural centre of your home entertainment system. Netgem I-Player is the only flexible choice for digital TV reception; fantastic picture and should qualities is matched with great flexibility for connection to the rest of your home TV system.

Well connected
• Telephone connection for interactive service channels
• 2 scart socket for easier connection to your TV,VCR, DVD, or game console
• Audio-out for connection to HI-FI system
• Optical Digital 5.1 output for connection to home cinema amplifier
• TV aerial ‘analogue loop though’ watch a digital channel and record an analogue TV programme or vice-versa
• USB socket for connecting a printer or web cam
• Common interface for possible upgrade to pay TV serial (it available in the future)

Netgems I-player interactive service are all about conventions and a new way or connecting to internet services. Netgem has made accessing the internet incredible easy. Within the simple TV channel list are a number of ‘Infotainment zone’, accessed just as you would any channel. Within these zones, one click can select numerous sites for you to explore with the remote control. Netgem has pre-selected many of the most popular internet services and made access to them as simple as selecting BBC1. So whether you want to find a bargain holiday, book a flight, see holidays news headlines or place a bet, Netgem I-player connected to your TV is the place to do it, and all from your armchair but what if you hear about an internet service that you would like to try? No problem. Netgem does not restrict you. You can type in and web address you wish and even store these detail as your own favorite sites for faster and easier access.

I-Player may not be a PC but you will be amazed at how many sites you can visit on your TV.
A compatible printer can be attached via the USB connector for printing out flight confirmation or web pages, and for the more adventurous you can even use a web cam be send still images with your email.  Designed and manufactured in Europe, I-player is connected with simplicity in mind. Features that seen so obvious, but are missing from many other receiver, make using the I-player both intuitive and flexible.  All channel can be accessed from one simple channel list so whether you want to watch BBC News 24, or send an email just scroll up or down.  If you are watching one channel but want to know what is on another, the info bar lets you do so without having having to stop watching your current programme.

Using email or ordering a Pizza on-line, but want to keep an eye on what is happing on TV? No problem. Picture in picture allows you to watch and hear the TV programme in an on screen window whilst you are viewing on-line content.  The I-player’s award winning remote control is simply laid out and easy to use, with four coloured buttons that match colour-coded on screen prompts.  If you send a lot of email you can purchase a low cost wireless keyboard as an accessory.

General Information | Key Benefits | Product Contents | Technical Specifications

Key Benefits

  •  Plug and Play - Easy installation
  •  Email access - Using a standard telephone line
  •  Programme Guide - Allows all the information to be seen on one screen
  •  Built in games - Free games available pre installed
  •  Online games - I-player gives access to many on line games
  •  Local call charges - When connected to the internet local call charges apply
  •  Parental control - A four diget pin number can be applied to prevent children accessing unsuitable sites
  •  Secure - When purchasing goods with a credit card over the Internet, card details are encrypted using 128Bit SSL security
  •  Interconnectivity - I-player can be used along side DVD and video players.
  •  Infra red keyboard - Is available separately at extra cost
  •  Picture in picture - Surf the web and watch TV on the same screen.
  •  Remote control - I-player comes complete with a remote control

General Information | Key Benefits | Product Contents | Technical Specifications

Product Contents

  •  Interactive player
  •  Remote control +batteries
  •  TV Scart lead
  •  Phone cable +adaptor
  •  Power cable
  •  Aerial lead
  •  * An infra red keyboard is available at extra cost *

    Dimensions:314 x 154 x 44 mm (WxDxH)
    Weight:0.7 Kg

General Information | Key Benefits | Product Contents | Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

    •Memory:8 Mb Flash,16Mb RAM
    •Operating System:Embedded Linux
    •Enhanced Content:HTML 4.01,ECMAScript,DOM,CSS
    •Video:MPEG2 MP@ML,1.5 to 15 Mbits/s
    4:3 -16:9 -Pan &Scan
    •Audio:MPEG1 Layer 1-2 Digital bitstream out
    •Teletext:System B via VBI and OSD,
  • Digital Teletext via MHEG-5
    •Subtitle:DVB subtitling
    •Parental Control
    •Demodulation:COFDM 2K/8K
    •16 +64 QAM compatible

General Information | Key Benefits | Product Contents | Technical Specifications

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